TCO Certified Displays 7 draft now closed for comment

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TCO Certified Displays 7 draft now closed for comment

Following a 2-month stakeholder comment period, the draft New Generation TCO Certified Displays 7 has now closed. Thank you to all our stakeholders who submitted your comments. If you submitted a comment, you should receive an individual e-mail response from our certification team.

At this time, our team will evaluate all comments and make any necessary revisions before publication of the final criteria and opening for product pre-testing.

Next steps; final criteria and product pre-testing

In the coming weeks, our certification team will evaluate all stakeholder comments and formulate a final criteria set, which is targeted for publication in early August. At that time, the final criteria will be opened up for product pre-testing. The pre-testing period is a time that allows industry and our testing partners to ensure that product models, testing routines and equipment calibration are consistent with the criteria and that any necessary adjustments to production and testing processes can be made. During this time, industry is able to test products to the new criteria and when the new generation is officially launched later this year, product models passing a pre-test will automatically qualify for the new version TCO Certified.

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Coming in July; drafts for computers, tablets, smartphones and other products

Drafts for other product categories are targeted for release in early July. These categories are notebooks, tablets, smartphones, desktops, all-in-one PCs, projectors and headsets. These categories will include several criteria that are in common with the displays draft, but also include criteria specific to each product category. Criteria for each product category will be released in draft form an open for stakeholder comment until early September.

The targeted official launch date for the New Generation TCO Certified and the first certified products is early November, 2015.

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About the New Generation TCO Certified

2015 marks the launch of the 7th generation of TCO Certified. TCO Certified is an important tool for the growing number of IT buyers wanting to make sustainable product choices, and for hardware brands working to meet this need.

We’re proposing several updates in this new version in an effort to further drive progress toward some of the most pressing sustainability challenges associated with electronics. Some of the changes include a more extensive phase-out of hazardous chemicals, initial criteria to address the issue of conflict minerals in electronics and enhanced criteria for helping reduce E-waste, all known hazards to human health and the environment.

At our dedicated mini-site, you can find out more about the proposed criteria and learn more about their importance in the life cycle of electronics. You can also download detailed criteria documents and test methods.


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